Raghu Devaguptapu

Raghu Devaguptapu is a partner at Left Hook.

Sick of sleeping in a van while touring with his band during college, Raghu settled in for a more stable professional life: a Democratic political operative.

While it was definitely a step in the right direction in the eyes of his traditional Indian parents, it also seemed like a natural move. In India, Raghu's family history is woven in the Indian independence movement. His Great Grandfather was the first Governor of the southern state of Madras after Indian Independence.

While his parents gave up their dream of a physician in the family, they knew someone was bound to have the political and social justice blood flowing in their veins. 

Raghu has over twenty years of campaign experience and heads our Washington, DC office. A seasoned strategist known for his collaborative style, affable manner, and hands-on approach Raghu has led high profile independent expenditure, congressional, and statewide elections across the country, including Congressman Ami Bera's historic upset win in 2012 and subsequent re-election, which was one of the most expensive congressional races in history. 

Raghu was the first Asian American to be named Political Director of a national party committee - first at the DLCC and then at the DGA. While at the DLCC, he helped flip 30 chambers into Democratic control - the largest partisan Democratic shift in our nation's history. 

Raghu also managed the independent expenditure and issue advocacy program for AFSCME, overseeing one of the largest programs in Democratic politics.

Prior to joining Left Hook, Raghu was a partner at A|L Media.

A die-hard Green Bay Packer fan, Raghu lives in Washington DC with his wife Reema and their two daughters.