Rachel Ostendorf

Rachel Ostendorf is a partner at Left Hook.

"You’re telling me your plan is to drive downtown everyday – on the expressway I helped build – to work for a Democrat?!" 

One good thing came out of confessing her political affiliation to her father: She’s no stranger to winning over the opposition.

For more than a decade, Rachel has created award-winning spots that have helped Democrats win races at every level. She knows how to grab an audience’s attention while also staying true to a candidate’s story and values. She served previously as a partner and a lead creative writer at A|L Media.

Rachel’s work has been recognized by the New York Times, MSNBC, and others for being, "powerful"; "striking"; and "standing out in a sea of advertisements." She has taken home more than a dozen Pollie and Reed awards, which honor the best in political advertising.

Rachel is a graduate of Marquette University and earned her master's degree in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. Rachel and her husband Neil are the proud parents of two young die-hard Cubs fans.